The Palio of August 16th

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The Siena region is world-famous for its immense artistic and cultural wealth; Siena, the city of art, is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Breathe in the culture and feel the city’s ancient roots at every corner: from the remains of the mysterious civilisation of the Etruscans, with their splendid necropolises, through the Roman empire to the Middle Ages, whose traces can still be seen in attractive villages, parish churches and Romanesque abbeys.

Siena’s museums are unique, protecting precious artworks like those in the museum complex of Santa Maria alla Scala, a treasure trove of masterpieces, or the Museo Civico di Siena, where you can find the Allegory of Good and Bad Government by Ambrogio Lorenzetti and the Maestà fresco by Simone Martini.


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