Photo ยฉ Contrada del Leocorno

Museo della Contrada del Leocorno

The winning Palio banners are displayed in the annexed quarters of the Church of San Giovannino

Via Follonica, 31, 53100 Siena SI, Italy

The building dates originally from the sixteenth-century; its current appearance is the result of various alterations after 1600. It is attached to its oratory, the Chiesa di San Giovannino della Staffa (Church of St John the Baptist), in which can be found important works such as a late fourteenth-century painting attributed to Francesco di Vannuccio, showing the Madonna of Peace, a polychrome terracotta statue of St John the Baptist attributed to Giacomo Cozzarelli and various paintings by seventeenth-century Sienese artists.

Among the Palio banners won by the neighbourhood, several were painted by Sienese artists and others by nationally-famous artists such as Possenti in 1980 and Nespolo in 2007.


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