Photo ยฉ Contrada della Lupa

Museo della Contrada della Lupa

The Museum of the Lupa neighbourhood, originally the property of the Compagnia di San Rocco (Order of St Rocco), can be found in the historic offices of the neighbourhood.

Via Vallerozzi, 88, 53100 Siena SI, Italy

The museum of the Lupa neighbourhood is part of the circuit of Tuscan museums and receives many visits annually from groups (including school trips). Visitors discover not only treasures of seventeenth-century Sienese art but also social and anthropological aspects of neighbourhood life and of the Palio.

In the Oratory there is a cycle of frescos of the life of Job and in the Cappellone (Chapel) a large early seventeenth-century fresco. In the Crypt, all the Palii (Palio banners) won by the neighbourhood are displayed; in the Sala dei Paramenti Sacri (Hall of Sacred Vestments) you can see the old furnishings of the Compagnia di San Rocco; in the Sala delle Armature e delle Monture (Hall of Armour and Costumes) there is a collection of historic costumes belonging to the neighbourhood; and in the Sala delle Reunioni (Meeting Hall) are all the masgalani (awards for the best appearance in the parades) the neighbourhood has won.

One curiosity in the museum is a photograph of Giuseppe Garibaldi, dedicated to the jockey Mario Bernini, who won the Palio in 1867 when the great hero was present.


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