Museo della Contrada della Pantera

The Museum illustrates the history of the neighbourhood and preserves its historic equipment

Via S. Quirico, 19, 53100 Siena SI, Italia

The Museum of the Pantera neighbourhood is located in the contrada office on San Quirico hill, one of the highest points of the city. The neighbourhood’s Museum was enlarged in 2011, when the restoration of its oldest set of costumes was completed. The process continued in 2014, with the restructuring of the hall of the former Società Due Porte (Two Doors Company); as well as meeting functional and construction needs, this tried to create a revamped image of the exhibition spaces and include Via San Quirico, always the beating heart of the Contrada, in its context.

The nine Palii (Palio banners) won by the neighbourhood during the twentieth century are kept on the ground floor. On the upper floor are the costumes, the masgalani (awards for best appearance in the parades) won by the neighbourhood and other important memorabilia. One room here is dedicated to the opera singer and victorious captain Ettore Bastianini, with photographs of the period, letters and original theatre costumes.


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