Museo della Contrada della Selva

The Museum of the Selva neighbourhood is located in the Crypt of the Oratory of San Sebastiano (St Sebastian) in Vallepiatta, built for the guild of Tessitori (weavers) at the end of the fifteenth century.

Piazzetta della Selva, 2, 53100 Siena SI, Italy

The Museum holds a collection of civil and religious archives and those relating to the Palii (Palio banners) won by the neighbourhood. The Palii won down the centuries, as well as more modern ones, are exhibited in the rooms on wide supports, on the back of which are paintings by Ezio Pollai and Fabio Centi evoking the spirit and symbols of the Selva neighbourhood. Beside these theatrical scenes are glass cases displaying the most important memorabilia from the neighbourhood’s history.

Old costumes, which members of the Comparsa della Selva group wore in historic parades of the past, are given plenty of space in the museum; a variety of pictures and carvings showing the Comparsa della Selva, and glorious silk flags praising the history of the Selva district, are displayed on the walls of the rooms.


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