Museo della Contrada Priora della Civetta

In the ancient Castellare degli Ugurgeri (Ugurgeri Fortress) is the Museum of the Little Owl neighbourhood

Vicolo Castellare, 3, 53100 Siena SI, Italia

The Museum of the Prior Neighbourhood of the Little Owl is in the ancient Castellare degli Ugurgeri (Ugurgeri Fortress), right in the heart of the city.
In the Museum, as well as Palii (Palio banners) and Masgalani (awards for the best appearance in the historic parades of the two annual palii) won by Civetta throughout their history, there are also old costumes, an archaeological collection of thirteenth- to eighteenth-century majolica found during the excavation of a rubbish pit, a variety of religious furnishings and other works of art owned by the neighbourhood.


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