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The Ethnographic Museum of the Orgia Forest

An educative itinerary designed to teach respect for nature

Località Borgolozzi, 7, 53018 Sovicille SI, Italy

Opening hours
From March 1st to September 30th

Friday and Saturday from 9.00 to 13.00

From October 1st to February 28th

Saturday from 9.30 to 12.30

The Ethnographic Museum of the Orgia Forest is housed in a unique location: a barn dating back to the tenth century in which every aspect of the forest’s history is represented in order to show its importance as a resource for the economy and life of sharecroppers.

The ethnographic museum deals with the analysation, study and filing of all the information gathered on the forest, paying special attention to the distribution of proper principles regarding respect for nature and environmental education. The museum’s educative itinerary begins with the testimony of those who lived and worked in the forest, drawing attention to the tight bond that existed between man and nature through representations of the various crafts carried out in the forest. Among these: charcoal burning, woodcutting and productive activities such as the cycle connected to the harvest of chestnuts. For this purpose, the Forest Museum has designed a network of equipped itineraries that branch off towards the hills of the Upper Merse Valley, that, together with narratives and literature, offer its visitors the possibility to take part in an extremely educative experience, brought to life by the emotions transmitted to them by the forest.

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