Photo © Pietro Canali/SIME

Aurelio Castelli Museum of Siena

Opened in 1920 but rebuilt after the second world war, it is named after Father Aurelio Castelli, who collected works dispersed after the suppression of the monasteries and convents.

The Aurelio Castelli Museum of Siena is housed in a building adjacent to the Basilica dell’Osservanza (Basilica of the Observance). It houses and exhibits, in a single room, paintings, sculptures, prints, seals, and illuminated and choral works belonging to the Basilica. A visit to the Museum complements one to the Basilica dell’Osservanza, which owns important works of art. It is housed next door to the Basilica, a church constructed by order of St Bernardino of Siena in the early fifteenth century. Notable works include the tombstone of Niccolò Piccolomini (1476) attributed to Antonio Federighi, the fresco of the Final Judgement painted on the end wall by Girolamo Benvenuti, the 17 illuminated choral manuscripts created in the scriptorium of the convent by Fra Giovanni da Siena and Fra Jacopo Torelli (fifteenth century), the reliquary of San Bernardino by the goldsmith Francesco d’Antonio (1462) and the fifteenth- to seventeenth-century vestments.

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