Olio extravergine di Oliva Terre di Siena DOP

ย A valued olive oil with dramatic fruity notes

History and territory Olive growing in the Siena territory has ancient origins dating back to the Middle Ages. The presence of the oil is documented in works of art and paintings of the time. A documentation of the economic importance of the olive oil business is the Historical Dictionary of E. Repetti, from the mid-nineteenth century, which stresses the importance of olive growing in the towns around the Siena area. This is an olive oil with valuable properties, so much so as to earn it the Protected Designation of Origin. It is produced in Tuscany, specifically in several towns belonging to the territory of the Siena Province.

Production method

In order for a product to maintain its levels of excellence, as well as its peculiarities, it is essential to follow a very precise methodology, both in terms of production as well as in its transformation. The Terre di Siena Olive Oil is obtained from the fruits of olive trees of at least two of the following varieties: Frantoio, Correggiolo, Leccino and Moraiolo. The olive harvest must follow a very precise method: the olives are gathered manually or with mechanical means directly from the tree, during the period between the month of October and December 31 of each ear. They must be conserved inside rigid containers in cool, ventilated rooms. The pressing must take place within 72 hours of harvest, and within 24 hours of being stored in the press. Moreover, they must be washed with water at room temperature.


Terre di Siena olive oil is a highly appreciated condiment, due to its markedly fruity taste with spicy notes and slight hints of bitterness. It is excellent as is, for dressing salads and soups. Among its most frequent uses are for legume based soups, ribollita (traditional Tuscan soup), traditional panzanella, in pinzimonio or on bruschetta. When cooked, it is perfect for making roasts, stews and for frying.


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