How to get to Siena

How to get to Siena 

The city of Siena is easily accessible by all means of transport: perhaps because of this, it attracts tourists from all over the world. In particular, travelling by train offers a convenient way to reach the city centre and represents an excellent compromise between practicality and value for money. 

Alternatively, you can reach Siena either by car or by bus, relying on the numerous arterial roads that lead here.

How to get to Siena by plane 

There is no airport in Siena, so if you are travelling by plane you will have to land at a nearby airport: the airport of Florence-Peretola is by far the closest one, situated 55km from the centre of Siena. Further away you can find the airport of Pisa, which is about 160km away and the airport of Bologna

If you are flying from another country, the nearest airport for international flights will be Rome. Most airlines offer low-cost flights to all these airports. 


To get to Siena from Palermo, you will need to take a flight to Pisa or Florence. Numerous buses leave from both airports for Siena. There are many car rental companies at the terminals. From Rome airport, numerous bus transfers are offered to take you to your destination.


If you prefer, taxis can also be a good solution: they are certainly more expensive, but very convenient if you have heavy luggage with you. 

Bus tickets can be either bought on site or purchased a few days before departure on the website of the company operating the transport service. 

How to get to Siena by train 

Getting to Siena by train is a very popular and sustainable choice. Siena’s railway station is about a 20-minute walk from the city centre. It is served by several rail companies, including Trenitalia and Italo.  

If you are travelling from the main Italian cities, such as Rome and Milan, there are many trains that will take you to this beautiful Tuscan city. 


  • From Rome: regional, Intercity and Frecce trains provide a wide choice to build your journey. To get to Siena, there are two possibilities: the first involves passing through Florence and, once at the station of Santa Maria Novella, taking the regional train to Siena; the second allows a stopover in Chiusi/Chianciano, without necessarily passing through Florence.  


  • From Milan: numerous trains depart from the capital of Lombardy to Siena, with a journey time of less than five hours. The fastest solution is a combination of Frecciarossa and regional trains: by changing in Florence, you can conveniently reach the city centre. 


  • From Turin: with the Frecciarossa, you can conveniently reach Siena via Firenze S. Maria Novella in five and a half hours.


  • From Naples: you can choose between the Intercity train and the Frecciarossa, followed by a regional train. In the first case, you will have to change at the Chiusi-Chianciano Terme station; with the second option, you will change at the main station in Florence. The difference in terms of time between the two travel solutions is about one hour. 

From Florence: there are plenty of regional trains that take less than two hours to reach Siena at a maximum cost of 10 euros, which is why this solution can be perfect for a trip out of town. 

How to get to Siena by car 

Travelling to Siena by car is certainly the best choice if you are a medium-sized group and if you want to visit Siena’s nearby villages too. If you are trying to reach Siena by car, there are numerous roads leading to this fantastic city. Below you will find some information that can help you reach Siena by car. 


  • From Rome: drive about 233km on the A1 motorway towards Florence – the estimated journey time is about 3 hours. 
  • From Pisa: take the A12 motorway in the direction of Livorno and then take the A11 motorway in the direction of Florence, taking the Siena exit.
  • From Milan: the quickest way to reach Siena is to take the A1 motorway in the direction of Bologna – take the ‘Firenze Impruneta’ exit and follow the signs for Siena. You will have to travel about 60km to reach your destination. 

If you are travelling from a long distance, driving can be particularly demanding, which is why you should assess your psychophysical condition carefully before setting off. To reach Siena you have to drive along a number of roads with steep and tight curves , which can be an obstacle if you are not an experienced driver. 

It is important to bear in mind that there are numerous restricted traffic zones within the city, so in order to avoid incurring any fines, pay close attention to the signs on the street. 

Just outside the city centre there are many car parks, where it is recommended to leave your car in order to move around the city easily. 

How to get to Siena by bus 

If you are looking to get to Siena by bus, you will find all the options available to you below. The options for reaching Siena by bus include the following: 

  • Public buses: if you are travelling from other Italian cities, there are probably public buses available to Siena. Transport companies are normally divided by regions, so building an itinerary in advance can prove very convenient indeed.
  • Private buses: there are also private bus companies offering services to get to Siena. Simply find the one that best suits your needs in terms of time and price.  
  • Shuttle services: many companies offer this service. This option is certainly very convenient and allows long journeys to be made in a very short time, but it is undoubtedly more expensive. 

How to book bus tickets for Siena

All companies have a website where you can book tickets online. If this is not the case, you can either call and purchase your tickets by phone, or buy them directly from the bus driver or from nearby sales outlets. Choosing to buy tickets close to the time of departure can be risky because you may not find a seat or may not be able to leave at your preferred time.  

Tips for travelling to Siena by bus

  • Planning in advance: planning your journey, booking your tickets in advance, and being aware of timetables all help to make a journey more relaxing and enjoyable.
  • Always check your departure and arrival times: make sure you check your timetable carefully so that everything goes to plan.
  • Get to the bus stop early: don’t be late for scheduled departures, as you may miss later connections. 
  • Bring along your travel essentials: make sure you have documents, snacks and something to keep yourself entertained for the journey. 


In conclusion, however you decide to travel to the city of Siena, give some thought to your journey in advance to avoid any nasty surprises and to ensure that you can enjoy a wonderful trip to discover one of Italy’s most beautiful cities.