Facciata del Duomo Nuovo

The Monuments of Siena

All historical monuments in the city of Siena

The monuments of Siena make this city an open-air museum: even today, many years later, what was once an ancient mediaeval village retains its old-world charm without hindering visitors. Visiting Siena means immersing oneself in the narrow streets of the historic centre, but also entering the palaces, museums and places of power of the distant past in order to fully understand the reasons that allowed the city to become an economic, historical and cultural centre for many years. 

Siena: monuments to visit

Siena is an unmissable destination for those who are passionate about medieval history, but also for those who want to discover a new city and its centuries-old traditions. With its many historical buildings and monuments, it is a city waiting to be discovered. Let’s explore the unmissable monuments of Siena together: 


  • Palazzo Pubblico and the Torre del Mangia: Siena’s Palazzo Pubblico, also known as the Palazzo Comunale, is one of the most symbolic monuments of Gothic architecture. In the past it was the residence of the Signoria and the Podestà, while now it is the seat of the Municipality. Inside the palace you can find the Civic Museum of Siena, which houses collections and artistic artefacts of great value. Next to Palazzo Pubblico stands the 88-metre-high Torre del Mangia, which can be climbed by foot: once you reach the top you can admire Siena in all its beauty.
  • Facade of the Duomo Nuovo: part of the Opera del Duomo Museum, the Facade of the Duomo Nuovo is one of the best spots to enjoy a spectacular and breathtaking view of Siena. It was originally intended to be the façade of a new cathedral that was to surpass the current cathedral in both size and majesty. This project, however, was never realised and the Facade of the Duomo Nuovo is all that remains of it.
  • Communal Library of the Intronati: this ancient library represents one of the oldest cultural institutions in Siena. Its origins date back to 1758, when Archdeacon Bandini donated his private library to the University of Siena. Today, around 500,000 volumes, including important ancient manuscripts, can be found inside. 
  • Duomo di Siena: this is the most important church in the entire city. Featuring an imposing façade made of white marble with green and black streaks, the beauty of Siena Cathedral will leave everyone breathless. Inside, you can also find a number of frescoes and works of art of great value by well-known artists such as Donatello, Michelangelo, Pisano and Pinturicchio. 


Siena offers all this and much more: to organise your visit in the best possible way, without wasting time, it is important to book your visit in advance. This means you can skip the queues and enter the city’s marvellous palaces straight away. Siena’s monuments are waiting for you.