Loggia dei Nove

Piazza del Campo, 53100 Siena SI, Italy

To get married inside Loggia dei Nove means to surround yourself with pure beauty: a wonderful living room with a view on Sienese Valley, from where you can see the top of Monte Amiata. The Loggia is a unique and suggestive space located on the IV floor of Palazzo Pubblico, which can be accessed by the famous Piazza del Campo. 

Walking through a staircase adorned by “The Virgin Mary” a fresco of Neroccio di Bartolomeo Landi, in 1481 will let you get on the Loggia, supported by four pillars, that faces on the extraordinary view of Piazza del Mercato and on the southern half of the city.

The Loggia dates back to 1348 an it had the function to host a moment of recreation of Nove Reggitori to whom was not allowed to get out from the palace, except for public holidays. In the Loggia in 1904 have been placed the great fragments of Fonte Gaia by Jacopo della Quercia, now hosted in the complex of Santa Maria della Scala. The Loggia is perfect to celebrate ceremonies and weddings with wonderful Piazza del Campo like background when the newlyweds go out. 

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