Sala del Concistoro

The Sala del Concistoro is one of the most fascinating place to get married. It’s located inside the prestigious Palazzo Pubblico, in Piazza del Campo the home of the City Council. The entry is through a wonderful fifteenth century gateway, attributed to Rossellino and it’s immediately possible to enjoy a beautiful view of one of the Mannerism Italian masterpieces: The cycle of Public virtues and relating of examples from Roman and Greek history, painted by Domenico Beccafumi between 1529 and 1535.

A background rich of history and beauty where the newlyweds and wedding guests will be dumbfounded. A place plenty of magic and elegance where the atmosphere will leave everyone breathless

Getting married inside Palazzo Pubblico is not only celebrating  in a beautiful place but also allows the newlyweds to do a spectacular way out.


I Comuni di Terre di Siena