Sala del Mappamondo

Il Campo, 1, 53100 Siena SI, Italy

To get married in the Sala del Mappamondo means to choose a wedding of noble and prestigious style. The high ceilings, frescoed walls and its important history create a unique atmosphere.

The Sala del Mappamondo dates back to the time building of the first part of the palace(1297-1310) and it was frescoed on commission of Governo dei Nove, between 1314 and 1330.

This is the biggest room in Palazzo Pubblico. In fact, it has long been used for the meeting of Consiglio Generale della Repubblica. This was the room from which the decoration program of the Palace began, through the masterpiece called “La Maestà” by Simone Martini one of the most important artist in the 14th century, in Italy. The work represents the Virgin and her Child surrounded by the angels and the saints that protect the city.

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