Palio di Siena dall'alto

The Palio of August 16th

The Palio schedule and all practical advice

The days leading up to August 16, the city undergoes a complete transformation, and along with it, the surrounding atmosphere changes too.

Four days for a celebration: these are the appointments to follow in order to discover the highlights of the Palio.



14th – 15th – 16th AUGUST – MORNING TRIALS

8:20 am – Preliminary notice

8:40 am – Start of clearing the Track

9:00 am – Horses exit from the Podestà Courtyard

13th – 14th – 15th AUGUST – AFTERNOON TRIALS

6:15 pm – Preliminary notice

6:45 pm – Start of clearing the Track

7:15 pm – Horses exit from the Podestà Courtyard


2:50 pm – First preliminary notice

3:20 pm – Second preliminary notice

4:10 pm – Start of clearing the Track

4:45 pm – Cavalry Carabinieri Parade

4:50 pm – Historical Parade entrance to the “Campo”

7:00 pm – Horses exit from the Podestà Courtyard



On the afternoon of August 15th, the General Trial takes place. On this occasion, we recommend those who wish to view it from inside the square to enter by 5:30 pm.

On the day of the Palio, instead, we advise entering Piazza del Campo by 4:30 pm.

Below are the rules to be respected within the Piazza:

  • Access to the square is prohibited for children under 10, even if accompanied by adults.
  • Dogs are not allowed.
  • Bringing chairs or stools, strollers, and other similar objects into the square is prohibited.
  • Carrying containers with caps and bottles of water or frozen drinks is prohibited.
  • Standing on the columns to watch the trials or Palio is not allowed.
  • Passing or lingering around the “verrocchio,” behind the stage of the extras, behind the mattresses of S. Martino, under the stands, inside the Fonte Gaia enclosure, and at the Casato exit is prohibited.

I Comuni di Terre di Siena