Monteroni d’Arbia

One of the most impressive points on the Via Francigena south of Siena

Via Roma, 87, 53014 Monteroni d'Arbia SI, Italy


Via Roma n.87 – 53014 Monteroni d’Arbia
Tel. 0577 2511

Monteroni d’Arbia joins two UNESCO heritage sites, Val d’Orcia and the city of Siena, via magical countryside, with perfectly-preserved signs of the past integrated into a landscape of gullies and ravines typical of the Crete Senesi (the clay-y countryside south of Siena). Its rolling, cultivated hills are dotted with farmhouses, like those in the Val dOrcia, and show signs of the past that have made this a very rich area that travellers, pilgrims, merchants and others have visited for many centuries. You can still see parts of the ancient Via Francigena today and also many of the mills and fortified granaries: the most famous of all is the Grancia di Cuna, at the gates of Monteroni.

In the surrounding countryside you will also find the Chiesa dei Santi Jacopo e Cristoforo, dating from 1314. Nearby is the Romanesque parish church of Corsano, founded in the eleventh century and dedicated to San Giovanni Battista (St John the Baptist).
Lucignano d’Arbia is also worth a visit, a village with mediaeval origins a little way outside Monteroni, with two fourteenth-century gates/towers and a Romanesque bell- tower.

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